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Project 01
UX Writers Collective​

As the founder and CEO of this e-learning business, I recruited partners, authored content, and am now selling courses on UX writing fundamentals, content research & testing, customer experience & engagement, and writing for chatbots.

Project 02
Google Pay​

As the head of UX content strategy for Google Payments, I led a team of writers in creating a unified content strategy to align with the emerging design system. I also participated in leadership strategy for marketing, branding, and launch.

Project 03
Google Assistant Transactions

I worked across all Google business groups to align teams around scalable content for voice and multimodal payments. I also spearheaded a team of UX leads in establishing early processes and patterns for Google Home voice design.

Project 04
QuickBooks Self-Employed​

As a Senior UX Manager, I led the design and content strategy for the launch of this new QuickBooks product. Responsibilities included developing an original voice and tone, comms and branding, aligning desktop and mobile versions, writing UI text, plus hiring and managing a team of designers and writers.

Project 05
Gyft Engagement

Working initially as a consultant, I created UX personas and marketing segments, then audited and revamped consumer purchase and gifting flows to eliminate pain points, raise NPS scores, and increase engagement.

Project 06
Gyft for Business​

As the head of UX research and content for Gyft, I designed marketing pages and UI text for the initial launch of this high-grossing B2B gift card portal.

Project 07
Google UX Writing Course

As a UX Content Strategy Manager at Google, I led the creation of the company's first internal UX writing course and delivered it to over 450 Googlers.

Project 08
Intuit Content Strategy

As a Senior UX Manager for Content, I contributed self-help, first-use, and error patterns to the QuickBooks Design System. I also helped design the notifications framework for QuickBooks Online.

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