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Intuit Content Strategy

01. challenge

I started at Intuit in the QuickBooks Online Payroll group. The larger UX team was embarking on a massive redesign of the QuickBooks design system to align versions designed for Accountants, Enterprises, Small Businesses, and Merchants. I joined the fray as a UX content strategist with the challenge of uniting the UI, Email, Help, and Agent Knowledgebase systems to align terminology, components, and communications across products.

02. solution

As a member of more than 12 cross-functional teams, I worked to establish design system guidelines for in-product UI text, error messages, tooltips, help articles, and onboarding content along with interaction guidance for each.

03. outcome

The design system, code named "Harmony," was received with lukewarm responses from customers. Intuit struggled with converting its very conservative and skeptical user base to the idea of working online to conduct accounting business. User testing showed consistent improvements in usability, but NPS scores were lower for the first 6 months post-release.

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