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Gyft Engagement

01. challenge

I was hired at Gyft as a high-level consultant and co-lead for the growing product design team. The company lacked an understanding of customer segmentation, UX research and testing methods, and content strategy for brand, marketing, SEO, design, and support. Gyft was suffering from frequent customer complaints and lost sales due to unsolved UX and technical issues.

02. solution

To start, I ran through all core task flows to audit and document issues. I also ran usability studies and interviewed customers. Next, I partnered with several designers to fix all technical and UX issues including password reset, sign up, gift-sending, and gift-accepting, and banned/fraud-risk flows. I ran before and after NPS and usability tests to document improvements. I also redesigned and rewrote all transactional emails.

03. outcome

NPS score increased from 17 to 44 (software averages 15-20 pts) after one quarter.

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