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Google Pay

01. challenge

Google Payments needed a UX & Content Strategy Lead to pull together 10 UX writers and several project design teams for the launch of Google Pay.

02. solution

I led content strategy for the development and implementation of all Google Pay UI text and much of the marketing messaging. I also served as the design lead for Google Assistant Transactions, liaising with the Google Voice team and coordinating across all Google consumer UX teams with product payments flows (Play Store, Shopping, Travel, Home Services, Hardware, and more).  As an original advocate and architect for formation of the Google Pay brand, I served on the executive launch strategy team for high-level brand management and product decisions.

03. outcome

Google Pay launched on time and with content messaging and patterns in place for all key experiences. It's amazing to see the branding and the experiences out in the real world functioning successfully for millions of users. It definitely took a huge team to get it done.

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