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Google Assistant Payments

01. challenge

The Google Assistant platform needed to advance its feature offering quickly to keep up with Amazon Alexa. The goal was to enable payments by voice for Google products as well as peer-to-peer payments similar to Venmo or PayPal.

02. solution

I worked with a product manager and a voice designer to enable orders and transactions by voice for all Google products (Shopping, Travel, Home Services, Play Store, Hardware Store, and food delivery). I also supervised development of Google's peer-to-peer payments by voice. My chief contribution was to create a reusable schema of terms for every transaction use case, along with error prevention, and multi-modal on-screen text. My team also worked to reduce complexity for all Google voice checkout flows.

03. outcome

I handed off a content strategy and design template for building out voice and multi-modal transaction flows used for all Google products. I delivered the first version of peer-to-peer payments by voice. I also contributed additional multi-device patterns including the well-known handoff of 'more info' links from Google Home to mobile devices.

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