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Design Thinking Coach

01. challenge

As a trained Intuit Innovation Catalyst, I facilitated design thinking sessions for product and infrastructure teams requesting guidance. These teams might be launching new products, blocked on a solution, or stymied on strategy. Working with these diverse teams of engineers, executives, designers, and even HR was an amazing trial-by-fire to learn how to solve problems and seek innovation using design thinking methods.

02. solution

I served as the UX lead and content strategist for the launch of QuickBooks Self-Employed. I hired and managed a team of 6 designers and writers, served as the product marketing lead for integration with other QB products including TurboTax, created a new voice + tone, developed the communications strategy for all emails and notifications, and wrote the UI text for v1. I also wrote the requirements doc for calculating quarterly taxes.

03. outcome

QuickBooks Self-Employed as part of the Small Business Group earned over $2.5 billion in revenue for FY2017.

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